Monday, May 5, 2008

Reusable Grocery Bag

My inspiration
This bag is nice, but I feel odd taking it to stores other than Pubix. It is also kind of boring.

(Bo took these pictures, and he wasn't that excited about doing it, as you can tell. I would have taken more, but he was done after he took the following two.)

My new reusable shopping bag.

What I like about it - It is colorful, a nice height, and it doesn't advertise a particular store.

What I don't like about it - The sides are to wide, it doesn't keep its shape or stand up. These problems could be fixed by making the sides smaller and by using heaver, stiffer fabric.

I plan to make two more this week. I will work on the size, but I have already purchased and cut out cotton fabtric for them.

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al said...

you blog more than me.
I like this idea. I have a few of these bags for big trips to the grocery store. Whole Foods gives you 10 cents off for every bag of theirs that you use... I wonder if I cover up Whole Foods if they will still give me the discount! hmmmm....