Sunday, May 4, 2008

Do you ever sew or do you just buy sewing stuff?

This title could only mean one thing - more fabric and pattern shopping!! I did sew this weekend, but I will have to post those pictures tomorrow.

The first three fabrics will be used to make reusable grocery bags. The Alexander Henry fabric will be used to make some Roller Coasters by Juliette Lanvers. I plan to use them in my sewing room which I hope to redo in the next couple of months. I would say weeks but that would be overly optimistic. I also hope to have a few scraps of it left over to use in an eye spy quilt for my nephew. The last fabric pictured will be used to make a Built by Wendy top. At least this is the plan I have at this moment for these fabrics.

The patterns I purchased. I'm guessing I will more than likely only use three of them. Bo and I play a guessing game on how many of the pattern I purchase will actually get used. I probably use about 25% of them, but I sure do get a lot of inspiration from the envelope covers and the fabrics and layouts that they use. So that more than makes up for having to many patterns.


stacysews said...

What fun fabrics!! I can't wait to see everything once it's finished.

Joy said...

I love the Alexander Henry fabric with the states on it! I was so excited when I stumbled across it one day! Can't wait to see what you create!