Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Ripping out has to be the most aggravating aspect of sewing! I hate it with a passion.
Last night I was at sewing class, and I was told I had to rip out the right side of the lace. All that time wasted. I really just wanted to fix it without it being correct, but I wasn't allowed to do so. I know that I will appreciate it more when I'm finished but it sure is aggravating. By the way, it will be a Babette by Sarah Howard Stone. I would like to be finished with by the end of the month, just so I can cross it off my list of stuff to make. I'm really really tired of it, but must complete it because it so expensive.

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angie.a said...

I probably wouldn't have ripped out even if they told me too, if I paid for the kit. The risk of ruining that expensive lace & fabric would have made me just be more creative! Sometimes my favorite things happen out of creative mistake covering!!