Monday, March 24, 2008

More Easter Fun

We went with Bo's family to church. I love the flowered crosses at Easter. The church that I went to when I was a child was decorated by the children of the church and wasn't really done. It looked like kids did it. I talked to a couple of ladies at church and they said that they had tried that, but couldn't get it right so now they have the pre-decorated cross and have the children lay flowers at the foot of it. I'm all about doing what ever way works.

After church we went to the Farm. We eat lunch and rode 4 wheelers. Well, I didn't. I don't really like them so my sweet father-in-law rented a golf cart for me. I would ride the golf cart all day long. But the rental went so slow. I hope if we get one it will go faster. I'm making my wish list of what I would like on it.

After we rode a while went fishing. This is something Bo's family just loves. In the picture below it is him and his grandmother. He has fished with her on Sunday afternoon since he was a little boy before his great grandmother died she would go with him. I not really a fisherman, but I do sit by the pond and read while they fish. I have tried handsewing, but it is just to dirty.

They finally got one. His grandmother caught the most yesterday.

After dinner we went home. We were covered in pollen and couldn't wait to change our clothes and today my sinuses are paying for my two days of fun outside. I hope that you all had a nice Easter.

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