Monday, March 3, 2008

Apron Strings!

This one is a Keeper. I'll be wearing it tonight when I make dinner.

Please ignor the junk in the backround - my husband did not want to take the picture. So these are pictures that he took from the couch during a commercial. Maybe next time he will be the model, and I'll take the picture.

I have fallen in love with this pattern. It is Simplicity 3752. I plan to make one more apron from this pattern and then move on to other items. It's just that this is so fast, and who doesn't like a fast pattern. I also have learned that the top half should have the directional material so that Elvis and the little cooking girls aren't laying on their side. Oh Well, you live and learn.

Elvis is a Christmas Present

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al said...

catching up on your blog today... you should sell these aprons on etsy! they are cute. I like them. Especially elvis.