Monday, February 4, 2013

Monkey Decorations Part 1

I couldn't find any Curious George Decorations so I just went with the colors Red, Yellow and Brown.  The following pictures will show you the dinning room and entry way of the house.
I had to include our Curious George books in our decorations.  He was the inspiration.  Bananas made a quick, cheap and easy decoration. Funny thing is that Boo doesn't like bananas.  I sent a lot home with my niece and nephew.  I guess that was the prize for being the last to leave. 

We hung monkeys and a large pom pom in the entry way.  I also decorated the mirror with some Martha Stewart cupcake vinyl, and I hated them.  They wouldn't stay up at all.

Monkeys hanging from the ceiling fan.  They hung over dessert table. 
The best shot I have of the dinning room and the dessert table.  Never under estimate the impact of crate paper streamers. 

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