Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Party Food

Instead of a cake we had cupcakes.  I decorated them myself.  I didn't think that looked that good until Boo walked into the kitchen and said mommom (with amazement in his voice) and started to clap.  At that point the anyone could have told me they looked bad and I wouldn't believe them. I found the monkey toppers at JoAnn.  They were made by Wilton. 
 We had a hot dog bar with numerous choice of condiments.  I also made crockpot mac and cheese, bake bean and chips and cheesy bean dip.  A hot dog tip - if serving hotdogs at a party with kids buy less buns than dogs.   Otherwise you will have a lot of buns left over. 

Dessert table.  Cupcakes and Banana pudding.  My MIL made a banana pudding and it was wonderful! I made one also and we finally finished it last night. 

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Sew Wilde said...

Love the party theme! It is too cute. You did a great job.