Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Plastic Birthday Dishes

I know what you are thinking about more dishes! Is this women obsessed with dishes and well the answers is ...Yes! But this isn't what you think.
My sister -in-law, C, host wonderful kids birthday party, and she gave me a great idea.  As I was leaving my  nephews birthday party I asked C if I could borrow her plastic red serving bowls.  She said I could and then told me that they were $1.00 at Walmart and that was a pretty good deal.
Bo and I got to thinking about it and  most themes for boys b-day parties involve the color red so we invested $20.00 in our new party wear.  I am so excited because I'm not throwing something away every year. If I divide the cost over the next 10 years it will average out to only $2 a party and if I was to have another child and it was boy the cost per party would go down even more.
Just an idea I wanted to share with you.

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