Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Things People Say

The following was a comment that was left the other day by an Anonymous reader:

The "Bo" thing is sickening. You aren't Bo and Hope!! Please shut it!
What is funny to me is that I had no clue who Bo and Hope were until I Googled them. Now I have a better idea who they are, but I'm still not sure why this was left on my blog. I probably shouldn't give it a response and explanation. But I can't help myself.
Why I call my husband Bo? It is a nick name his family gave him way before I came along and his family and people from his home town call him this. Actually one of the first times I heard him referred to as Bo consistently was at our wedding shower in his hometown.
I had always thought that I would marry a man whose name started with the same letter as my name, but sadly it didn't. My parents and grandparents have first names that start with the same letter and I always thought this was cool. So when I started my blog I just decided to call my husband by his nickname so that we could have first names with the same letter. It just seemed funny to me.
So in no way does this have anything to do with soap characters from the 1980s that I didn't have a clue who they were.

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Sew Wilde said...

I think some people just like to be nasty to people via comments. I like the nickname Bo.