Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cars Cape

A few years a go I made my nephew a cape from a pattern I found online, but I couldn't tell which site I got it from now. Somewhere along the way he lost it. Since I had a day off this week I decided to make him another one. This time I had all the supplies at my house.
The reverse side. Just plain black.

The front was done in a Cars remnant I had purchased with no particular thing in mind to make with it.
Since I have a little boy on the way and I had a little bit of fabric left I made another cape. It is not as wide as the one for my nephew but I think it will work. I had to take 1.5 inches off the width of the cape but it turned out just as cute and I like that they will have one a like.
Maybe my sister in law can send me a picture of this one in action.

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