Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Bo!

I just love this picture of Bo because it reminds me of the fun we have together. He is an amazing friend and husband. I couldn't have asked for a better one, and I know that God gave him to me
Today is Bo's 37Th birthday!
It is amazing to me that Bo and I started dating about 2 weeks before his 31st b-day and now he is 37. My how time flies.

What's funny is that I meet his mom the week before his 31st b-day and she took our picture together in front of his Christmas tree. Little did I know that she was taking my picture home to show his grandmother and dad. I suspect that several other people that she knows saw the picture also.

But what was great about meeting her was that she asked me to come to her house a week later to spend the night and celebrate Bo's b-day with his family.

I graciously accepted, which several of my friends thought I was crazy for doing so. They didn't know why I would go an hour away with a guy I barely knew to meet his parents. Looking back this may not have been the smartest thing I have done, but I had already decided that Bo was the one for me, and I was going to marry him. So I guess I needed to meet my future in-laws. I had dinner with his mom, dad, grandmother, and an uncle. His brother came in two hours late so I just got to meet him, but not talk to him to much like had the rest. Earilier in the day I got to meet 2 other aunts and a few cousins and friends.

All of this meeting of the family would have made most people run, but I didn't. Bo and I were engaged 6 month later. I would have married him the day he proposed.

So in away Bo's b-day is how I judge the passage of time in our relationship. Now, that it has been 6 years later I'm amazed by all we have done together and how far we have come as a couple. We have our share of stuff to deal with and lately that has felt more overwhelming than ever. So it hasn't always be rosie but I wouldn't have wanted to spend these last six years with anyone else.

Happy Birthday Bo!!

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