Sunday, December 12, 2010

Candle of Peace

Last year I did a segment on different ornaments Bo and I have on our Christmas tree. I debated on sharing the meaning of this one, and decided not too. I think this year it the right time to do so. After I experienced my first miscarriage a friend of mine suggested that I buy a Christmas ornament to represent the child, hopes, and dreams that I lost at that moment. She told me she did this after she had a miscarriage. She said she had other ornaments on her tree for all her other children, and she thought why not represent the one she lost.
I thought about this for several months and one night Bo and I were in Hallmark getting an ornament for my nephew. We looked around and both agreed on this ornament. This weekend as we were unpacking our ornaments and decorating the tree. I thought about how far we have come on our pregnancy journey, and how close we are to having our first child. This ornament is bittersweet, but it will always have a place on our Christmas tree.
Like any good Hallmark ornament it has a little verse written on the box. This box says the following:
Let's light a candle
to shine in the darkness,
calming and soothing
til troubles all cease...
Let's light a candle
to dream, hope, and promise...
Let's light a candle of peace.

How much more appropriate can an ornament be.

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