Monday, September 6, 2010

September is here!

September has always been a busy month for Bo and I. We always seems to have tons of stuff happening this month like birthdays, football games, and this year Bo's brother is getting married in September. Needless to say our September is always hectic.

But we always start the month off right with a good trip to the beach with my family.
Earlier this year we worried about the oil spill, but we didn't see any evidence of the spill except a few BP workers walking the beach. They really stuck out because they had on jeans and work boots as they walked along the beach. I bet they were asked the same question 50 times within my ear shot. It was "Have you seen anything?" over and over again.
This is Bo swimming in the Gulf.

I just took this picture to show how clear the water was this weekend. It was so calm almost like a lake.
Besides swimming we also went out to eat, shopped, and played games at the arcade.
I just wanted to let you know if you are thinking about going to the gulf coast Panama City Beach looked wonderful and there were some deals to be found.

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