Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pins and Needles

Last night Bo stepped on something with his bare feet, and before he looked to see what it was he said, "It's either a pin or a needle" This is a huge change in reaction from the first time he stepped on a pin.

The first time went something like this:

Bo: Loud Ouch
Me: What happened?
Bo: A bee stung me. I don't know how it got in the carpet, but I know a bee stung the bottom of my foot.
Me: A bee stung you? Are you sure?
Bo: Yes, and it hurts.
Me: Let me see.

He showed me his foot and we pulled out the pin. Needless to say I thought this was funny and he did not.

We told this story to my mom and dad, and my dad's advise to Bo was to just to get used to it because it wouldn't be the last time he'll step on a pin or needle.

So last night I could only laugh at how far we have come as a couple in the few years we have been married. But I know that I'll have to be better about pins and needles with a baby in the house next year. Any advise on keeping them from falling out of your projects?

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