Sunday, September 12, 2010

Penn State v. Alabama

Bo and I went to Tuscaloosa this weekend to watch Penn State v. Alabama. We are not the traditional house divided in Alabama. Yes, that's right I'm a Penn State fan at heart. More than likely it has something to do with my parents growing up a half our away from the campus and Maw being a huge Penn State fan. When Maw died some of her tailgating buddies from 20 years ago came to her funeral. They must have been a tight group of people. I still don't completely understand football, but I'm understanding why Maw liked to go tailgate at the games.

Next year Bo and I hope to go to the game at Penn State. I plan on staying with relatives. So if they are reading this I may need a place to sleep in your basement and you could help me find some tickets.

As you can see by this picture Bo and I got a little wet. Okay make that a lot wet. It rained just long enough to soak everything and then it stopped. All our tailgating friends keep on saying, "last weeks game had beautiful weather."

The tiny speck in the blue jacket is Joe Paterno. I just hope when I'm 83 I am still able to get around and do something I love as much as he seems to. I think I heard a thousand times on Saturday, "Joe Paterno should just retire." or "He's old". So what. We are all going to get old one day. Sorry for the little rant, but I don't anyone to tell me what to do when I'm 83.
I just thought that this was an interesting picture on the big screen.

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