Thursday, July 1, 2010

Frugal Failure

Let me start off by saying Bo and I are frugal in many ways. NO TV isn't one of them.
So for months now Bo and I have talked about giving up cable TV. We had read several articles about how more and more people were giving up cable t.v. We actually have gotten rid of our digital cable and our DVR over the years and now we are down to expanded basic. So we thought we weren't given up that much. WRONG!!
We just knew we could do this because a few years ago we actually gave up TV for Lent. And we really enjoyed those 40 days without TV.
But some how this time seems harder! So hard in fact that after 2 weeks of not having cable or any t.v. we have decided to call the cable company and have it reconnected.
I'll just cut out more coupons or we will eat out less to make up the difference. We'll just chalk this up as beyond our frugal point.
So my question is how many of you live with out cable?

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Anne Stesney said...

Hi! Fred and I gave up cable when we moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn. He doesn't miss it as much as I do. Luckily, I can watch my favorite programs on hulu, plus we get tv shows on Netflix. Right now we're watching Breaking Bad, which is awesome!

But when I was feeding Walt at all hours of the night during his newborn months, there's NO WAY I could've lived without a steady diet of Americas Next Top Model on cable.