Friday, July 30, 2010


Okay, I got this book for Christmas and I just started it and finished it this week. It sat on my bedside table and I found every reason why not to read it. I also found every why not to write this review.
I hate to say anything bad about it, but I didn't really like it.
I thought it was repetitive. Each chapter felt like a mini sermon focusing on the same subject. But just like sermons there were several good stories, this wasn't enough to move this book into the like catagory.
This is the first book of Max Lucado's that I have ever finished, and I don't know if I will read another one of his.
I don't think that Max Lucado took into consideration those people who suffer from extreme anxiety who take everything to Jesus, but still have to deal with it. Sometimes I thought it was almost like those who saw a therapist were seeking a cop out. Which I don't believe to be true. I think that therapy can be very beneficial.
This book is not one that I will keep. It is definitely going in the donate to the library pile.
I wish I would have looked at other reviews of this book before I spent my time reading it. Most were glowing of this book, but the funniest one said that the best part of this book was the cover. I totally agree. I guess this is another example of you can't judge a book by its cover.

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