Monday, July 21, 2008

Vacation and Birthday

Nope, it wasn't my vacation or my birthday. It was vacation time for my in-laws and my dad's birthday. My in-laws have an independent family run grocery store about an hour from our house, and when they go away my husband goes home to help run it. (He absolutely loves this.) I can run the register in a pinch, but I am usually very useless there. My parents live another hour past my in-laws. Just to let you know how much driving we did.
Before we ate a wonderful meal of hot wings and onion rings, we played with puzzles.
We sang, "Happy Birthday" to my dad. My nephew absolutely loves this song and thinks that every time it is sung it for him.

I took advantage of Bo's time at the store and cut out several patterns. The above pictured Simplicity dog quilt took forever to cut out, but from reading the instructions it doesn't look that it is hard to sew.
I also cut out an apron, a pair of sleep short, a pair of pajama pants, and the a pair of pajamas the only thing is I ran out of fabric for the sleeves and I won't be able to go to Hancock's until tomorrow night. I hope they still have some.
This is us opening the store this morning before we drove home to go to our regular jobs. If Bo didn't love the Store so much it would make it much much harder to do.

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