Thursday, July 3, 2008

To Do List

Yes, that is correct, I have found my To Do List, and in so many ways I wish it was still lost. So here it is, everything I want to accomplish this weekend. Take a guess at how many I'll get done.
  1. Pick up prescription
  2. Dry Cleaners
  3. Purchase new Blinds
  4. Visit In-Laws and go see fireworks
  5. Buy curtain rods
  6. Exercises
  7. Quarter Round in Master Bedroom
  8. Quarter Round in Guest Bedroom
  9. Finish laying wood floors in Guest Bedroom
  10. Put up new light fixture in hall and outside
  11. Clean the house
  12. Glue down thresholds
  13. Buy curtain fabric for living room
  14. Make living room curtains
  15. Cut out apron
  16. Sew apron (I'm Dreaming)
  17. Dishes (There always seems to be some in the sink)
  18. Trash
  19. Laundry (I think it reproduces in the hamper)
  20. Buy a prize for this giveaway
  21. Work on daygown

So come on how many do you think that I'll get done. The person who guess the correct number or the number to it will get a prize (see #20). One guess per person and no guess will count after Monday at 3pm. I will let you know on Tuesday who won.


Lindy Julian said...

Okay, I think that you will get 12 of these things done. It is July 4th weekend and I believe that you will be having to much fun celebrating to get everything on your list done!

stacysews said...

I'll say you get 14 done (some of them sound like big projects).

Have a great weekend and don't work too hard - enjoy the holiday!

Purple and Paisley said...

my guess is 9 - it's not that i don't faith in you, but it's a pretty intense list! =)

deborahk said...

I am going with 10 since you are dependent on your hubby to help with a few of those items. I have a feeling he won't be as motivated as you during the holiday weekend!

quitecontrary1977 said...

i'm an optimist so i'll say 16! you should add visiting my giveaay to your list! it's here:

daddy said...

ok here is my guess
I can't wait to get my prize !!!!