Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Husband A Handy Man?

Not only did we install new floors this weekend, we also installed a new kitchen faucet. Bo is not the handiest man I know. But when the plumber said it would be $90.00 to install the faucet, he decided he could do it himself. I am really proud of him tackling these home improvements. I will just have to see what I can add to my “Honey Do List”.
Reading the Directions

Working Under the sink.

It Works! Like I ever doubted that.


Jennifer Worick said...

I'd love to see what the dishcloths look like! Maybe I can include them in an upcoming book! E-mail me at jworick@earthlink.net and we can exchange addresses and stuff.

Lindy Julian said...

Who is Bo?

Lindy Julian said...

Ignore previous comment, I see -Bo is your loving husband. It is so nice that he is so handy!