Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Dad Has ALS / Lou Gehrig’s Disease

This is nothing new, but I saw Nancy O’Dell’s article on about her mother’s battle with ALS and it inspired me to post about my dad’s battle with ALS. If you want to know more about ALS you can go to or for more information.

My dad, his picture on the left, is 54 years old and has ALS been diagnosed since 2005. But looking back he had signs of the disease before that. Only 5-10% of the case are like my dad’s that’s because he has familial ALS. His father and uncle both died of this disease.

He goes to the doctor ever six months to see how the disease is progressing. Yesterday was one of his appointments and he got a good report that his ALS is progressing slowly, but that it is now affecting both of his legs, and the control of the fingers of his left hand except his little finger. He is a trooper and fighting every way he can.

I know that this post is long and has nothing to do with sewing, but just something I wanted to share. Thanks for reading.


Lola said...

Thanks for sharing that with us. It is hard to watch people that you love struggling with disease, but it is also inspirational to see their strength through it all.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I work at a neurology clinic and we have ALS patients. Also my college roomate's dad had ALS. Its a hard brutal disease. And it is not only hard on them but the whole family to watch someone you love suffer and deteriorate. My heart goes out to you. He's not much older than me! Thank you for sharing something so personal.