Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Remembering a Teacher

Last night I went home to say goodbye to my high school English teacher.  (If you read this blog much you may have noticed that English wasn't my best subject.)  I went to a small school at its peak about 800 kids k-12th grade. It was more like a large family rather than a school.  And Mrs. R was the heartbeat of the high school.  She will truly be missed. 
What I noticed most of all last night at visitation was the impact she made on the world.  There were so many of her former students, former students' parents, former co-workers, friends and family all of us were there to tell her family how much she meant to each one of us. 
Funny, how funerals make you re-evaluate your own life, and I left wondering about the impact I'm making on the world.
I hope that as I move forward that I remember Mrs. R impact on my life and each time I'm teaching someone that I am at that moment having an impact on this individuals life. 
Thank you Mrs. R for all you have done.

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