Friday, July 1, 2011

Carry All Bag

Since having a baby I seem to have a lot more things that stay in the back of my van. And they are made of cloth and I got tired of washing them all the time from getting dirty by staying the car.

I have one of these shopping cart covers which is big and bulky and even though it says that it folds into itself and stay wrapped up it doesn't.

When I'm not using the shopping cart. I love to use the Baby Bjorn which also stays in my car.

My solution...

This is basically a large drawl string bag. I took 3/4 of a yard of fabric and sewed it selvage to selvage, made a casing at the top, and put ribbon in the casing. I had all the material at my house. It took less than 15 min. and now I have a solution for keeping my baby stuff together in the car.

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