Thursday, June 2, 2011

We answered the Call

Bo and I took Boll Weevil to the beach this weekend, and I'm pretty sure he had fun. We went with Bo's family. So he got to see his Gran, Pa, Aunt H, Uncle M, and Cousin J which he always enjoys.

This is Boll Weevil after we visited the beach. The water was cold, and he didn't understand why the water keep on coming in and out. He did seem to enjoy the sand the most.

Bo dipping Boll Weevil in the water.

Bo always gets the job of bringing all the beach stuff back up to the condo. (I really couldn't ask for a better husband or father for my child even if he was upset that I was taking his picture instead of helping him.)

We couldn't have asked for a better weather weekend. I can't wait for us to go back to the beach later in the summer.

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