Monday, August 16, 2010

We want a deal

Let me just start off by saying I'm horrible at asking for a deal. I pretty much just pay the sale price. Not Bo he looks for the manager to see if they can give him a deal. That is were this chair comes into the story.

You see I have loved these Adirondack chairs at Joann since they came in, but I wasn't going to pay $49.99 a piece for four of them. Well, I have watched the price drop on them until they were marked down to 70% off, but Bo still didn't like that price. And they had a ton left. So one night when we were in Joann we saw the manager. Bo of course went up to him and asked him if 70% was as low as the chairs could go. The manager thought about it said he couldn't do any better because he didn't have much room to mark down merchandice. Bo said we would just wait. Then the manager suddenly changes his mind and takes another 30% off the clearance price. Making our chairs $10.50 a piece. Bo was on top of the world since he got a great deal, and I was excited because I finally got the chairs I wanted.

This just proved to me again that it is good to wait and always ask for a deal.

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