Thursday, August 5, 2010


Right now I'm reading books on leadership and personal accountablity. If you are interested in reading a book with one of these topics then QBQ is an easy good book to read. It took me about 2 hours to read. It is made up of numerous short chapters that are made to make the reader think.
One of my favorite chapters states in it: "Wisdom: what we learn after we know it all."
I love this idea because I know that there are moments in my life when I think I know it all and I have all the right answers. Usually after I have these thoughts whatever I was thinking goes terribly wrong.
I love books that make me self examine and work to improve myself. This is a book that does that. I very rarely re-read books, but I'm sure that I will re-read this one soon.
Thanks Books-A-Million for the picture.

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John G. Miller said...

Blakey, thanks for the QBQ! book thoughts! Yes, my book even makes ME self-examine!!! Join us at and sign up for the free QuickNotes. You'd love them. From Denver, be good!