Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Animal Kingdom

First off let me say that Bo and I go to Disney World pretty often, but that this trip was different in several ways:
1. Bo went for a conference
2. My parents went along
3. We have never been in June before
4. We went to a water park.
5. My parents have never been to Animal Kingdom or Disney Hollywood Studios
But a fun time was had by all

First Day: Animal Kingdom

If I had to give anyone any advise about Animal Kingdom it would be to go see the Birds of Prey show and the Lion King Show. My two favorites in this park.
This is a picture from the Bird Show.

My dad ridding his scooter. He couldn't have made it around the parks without it. I called him zippy because he would zip ahead of us and wait under a tree until the rest of us caught up with him.

I never get tired of seeing this sign. I have to let you know that I had a grandmother who loved Disney World. The first time my mother visited with her family was in 1973, and they drove down to FLA from PA. So that just tells you how serious Gram took Disney World. So lets just say I get it honestly.

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