Monday, February 8, 2010

Movie Reviews

This weekend Bo and I watched two movies and the Super Bowl. Needless to say we didn't get much done because we watched a lot of TV.

Temple Grandin was on HBO Saturday night, and I was really looking forward to watching it. There are times when I complain about the cost of HBO and then a movie likes this comes along and it reminds me why we pay for HBO. Temple Grandin is one of those movies that you continue to think about way after you have seen it. Claire Danes did a wonderful job. This movie was wonderfully made. Temple Grandin is Autistic and I loved the way the movie showed how she visualises things. It made me want to learn more about Temple Grandin, and how she improved the treatment of cows when they went to slaughter. Bo, who was a butcher while in college, found this very interesting. If you get HBO or if this comes to DVD it is a definite watch.

The other movie we watched was Night at the Museum 2. Let me say that this is not as good as the first one, but enjoyable. It is a good non thinking movie. I'm glad that we only paid a $1.00 for it from red box, which if you haven't checked out red box yet you need to.

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Jacki said...

I felt the same way about NATM was good to watch as a free download from Netflix. :-)

I am very interested in seeing the other movie, have read good reviews about it.