Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Overload

Weekend in reverse so you know why I'm so tired I can't think straight.

Last night Bo and I went to Birmingham to see Wicked, which was excellent. We drove home in the rain and we didn't get home until 11:45. We are both way to old for staying out that late.

We did have any excellent dinner at Ted's Montana Grill. I will definitely be going back there. Food was good and they are environmentally friendly. If Ted Turner can make a resteraunt this good I wish he would buy the Braves back and make them good again. While I'm at it I also miss the old TBS Superstation.
We went to the zoo on Saturday. Our zoo has improved so much since Bo and I were kids.

My mom, nephew, sister-in-law, and Sister-in-law's mother went to Disney on Ice Friday night. I asked my mom if she would wear a matching shirt and she did. I got us Tinker Bell Shirts. I'm pretty sure my mom thought it was a little odd that I asked her to do this, but she did it anyway.
Now, I want to go take a nap.

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