Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feeling Better

I am feeling much better. I appreciate all of you asking. I still don't have all of my energy back, but I'm getting there.

During one of my burst of energy I started to refold my fabric. This is all the farther I've gotten, but I hope to work on my stash over the weekend.

My nephew had his 2nd birthday party this past weekend. It was a farm theme. I just loved his cake. It was as good as it looks. My brother's assistant made it. She actually has a cake business on the side.
Nephew was one lucky kid to actually have ponies at his party. He loved riding them and petting them. We had so much fun.


Busty LaRue said...

Glad you're feeling better. I hate it how it takes you twice as long as you were sick to feel back to normal energy-wise. What's up with that?

That is one lucky kid to have a pony at his party!

randi---i have to say said...

I hope you are feeling 100% soon! Happy fabric organizing. I love getting my stash in order!