Friday, January 18, 2008

Life Happened

Snow Shovel

The Amish

Whoopie Pies

I had these grand ideas that I was going to blog everyday, and sew in all of my spear time. Then I remembered life happens and plans go out the window. Like last week my mom, my brother, and I made a quick trip to Pennsylvania for a funeral. Pennsylvania is so much prettier in the summer.
I do love the food ... whoopie pies are some of my favorite. My mom makes them, but the ones the Amish make and sell are the best! I also love Hartley's BBQ Potato Chips. I managed to bring back two bags on the airplane without them getting to crushed.
The snow shovel sitting outside the front door is funny to me. This is not something you would see in South Alabama.
Please don't think that is how I want the pictures. I just can't figure out how to lay them out.
Hopefully, tomorrow I can post pictures of my latest projects and then it is off to my nephews 1st birthday party.

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