Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wedding China

I know what your thinking - "Didn't she just show us her Christmas decorations?  Why is she showing us Valentine's Day Pictures?"
This post was inspired by a friend who let her Facebook friends know that her wedding china was for sale.  She thought it was time to sell because she hadn't removed it from the gift boxes in the almost decade she has been married. 
 So this got me thinking a few things:
  1. The Guest -  How sad for the guest who took the time to go pick out a gift just for this couple.  In the end it seems like they wasted both their time and money
  2. The Couple -  How sad for the couple for not enjoying something that was purchased for them for their special day and now they are getting rid of it. How could something so beautiful live in a box this long.   
  3.  I'm thankful for all the people who thought of Bo and I on our wedding day.  We were overwhelmingly blessed with wedding gifts almost 7years ago. And every time I pull something out that was a gift I'm reminded of that special day in our life and the people who shared it with us.  But I am a Fool In Love.
Okay, I'm off my Soapbox and back to Valentine's Day. 

 Breakfast for dinner.  Doesn't milk look so much better out of fancy glasses.
 Cupcakes on our dessert plates.

I made this heart decorations for a little added touch.
So if you have some china sitting in a cabinet collecting dust, dust it off and make a regular Tuesday night dinner something special.  It is what I plan to do this evening.


Amanda said...

What a wonderful post!! I'm gonna get out my good stuff!!

Sew Wilde said...

Very good post! We should try to use our special things more often.