Monday, November 26, 2012

Life of PI

I enjoyed my little break & I hope all of you did too.  We spent time with family, eat to much, and shopped a lot.  But what was most of the ordinary for a Thanksgiving weekend - Bo and I went to the movies.  Boo stayed an extra night with his grandmother & I had won some movie tickets so we took this opportunity for a date night.
Let me just tell you for a Thanksgiving weekend there wasn't a lot I was doing back flips over to see but Bo and I came to an agreement on the Life of PI.

This was an excellent choice.  We saw it in 3D which wasn't necessary but it was the time we wanted and it was free.  (As Dad used to say, "if it is free, it is for me.")

Bo and I didn't really know anything about the book, Life of PI, and the commercials for movie were rather confusing.  Actually, the commercials don't tell you anything about the movie. 
Now, I know why because I'm having the same problem trying to tell you about it.  I can say it is amazingly shot and Bo and I were so taken in by the movie that neither one of us even ate or drank during the movie.  We never even thought about checking our watches to see how long we had been in there. The theater was silent the entire time except when someone walked in the wrong theater talking really loudly and it woke us from our trace of this amazing movie.

I'm so glad that we choose this movie & it was the first time in along time that I left the movies satisfied. 

The Life of PI was an amazing move & I would go see it if I were you.

Have any of y'all seen any good movies lately?

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