Thursday, September 22, 2011

Roll Tide Outfit

Now I couldn't let this football season go by and not make a team related outfit for my little guy. I used Creations By Michie # 118 pattern. I have used this pattern before to make shorts but never the diaper shirt. I have to say the size 6 month shorts fit Boll Weevil great the shirt is just a little short and sometimes you can see his belly. I do love the flare of the shirt it makes it more of a shirt for a baby and not the big boy he is becoming.
This outfit didn't stop him from trying to climb on the furniture. So I think he would give it high marks.
He loves the camera.

Front view of the outfit. His dad is helping him stand, but in reality it won't be long until he will be standing on his own. He can pull up on almost anything, and we have to watch him all the time. Roll Tide.