Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Pillow

Call me a bad parent if you would like, but sometimes I let Boll Weevil watch baby learning videos. Let me just tell you he is interested in them for about ten minutes and then he is done. If you would like to know his favorite video is Baby Can Sign "Playtime". It actually holds his interest for 15 minutes.
On with the story - no more justification- when Boll Weevil watches his video he likes to lay down on the floor and he usually uses one of the pillows from the couch for his head. I though that he needs his own. I had a travel pillow that I didn't use that often, and late Sunday I made him a cover for it.
He really enjoyed having his own pillow. As you can see.

I made the pillow case out of some left over flannel and some minkie dot that I had in my stash.

When time allowes I may have to make him a few more.

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Amy said...

Oh my - I can finally see who he looks like! His Daddy. Sweet baby.