Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Martha Stewart Craft

Lets just say that this project had some ups and downs to it.

Pictured above are Tissue Paper Pom-Poms that I found directions for on Martha Stewart's website and may blogs have also featured these.

The Up side -

  1. They are extremely easy to make.

  2. They look great even when hung together and not floating from the air. We decided to hang our outside under one of the tents.

  3. They didn't take much time to make at all.

  4. The items needed to make them weren't that hard to find at all.

The Down side-

  1. They take up a lot of room.

  2. To make them look cooler I probably should have cut the ends a little differently. But working with 8 layers of tissue paper is kind of thick.

  3. Monofilament! Well this was the hardest piece to find in the craft store but lucky for us a nice worker finally found some for us. And then it keep on breaking on us. So next time I make them Bo says I'm just going to have to use fishing line.

  4. They are kind of hard to hang on a windy day.

Overall, I will make these again and use them for decorations at future parties.

1 comment:

married al said...

pipe cleaners... that's what we used at my wedding ;)