Monday, November 8, 2010

Peanut Festival

We made our yearly trip to the Peanut Festival on Saturday night. We thought the yard sale was cold, but it was nothing compared to the fair.

Bo forgot his hat and gloves at the house. And I told him not to wear two pairs of pants, I was wrong about that one because our legs were freezing by the end of the night. Luck for us we had plenty of extra shirts in our car.

My mom is to cold to smile for the camera.

Fresh HOT boiled peanuts. A great reason to go to the fair. We mostly went and ate this year. Watched my nephew on a few rides and then went home.

My dad riding the scooter he rented. Lets just say this one was nothing like the one we rented at Disney World this summer. It barely made it two hours before it lost all of its juice.

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