Sunday, October 24, 2010


Bo and I cleaned out the kitchen cabinets on Saturday. While doing this we came across a bean soup mix that at one time must have looked interesting to us because we purchased it. Since it was almost out of date we decided to try it Sunday for Supper. Lets just say it wasn't that appealing once it had been cooked and it smell horrible. So I guess this one should have just stayed in the cabinet lost forever.
Bo did find a bag of black eyed peas or one cooking show we watched this week called them black eyed beans. He decided to make himself some. He even called his mom at 11pm Saturday night to see how long he needed to soak them. He thinks they taste wonderful. I just can't get over the looks of them to even try them.

After checking out both pots of beans I noticed on the counter that the salt shaker was empty. It was at least half way full before Bo started cooking. I'm hoping that he spilled some and really didn't use that much in the dishes he made. But I'm sure he used it all.
Not much sewing this weekend. We are trying to get ready for a yard sale. One more room down and two to go. I think I can make by the next two weeks.

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