Monday, October 11, 2010

Every Girls Dream

Isn't it every girls dream to have a shark hanging in their bedroom? Well, I can tell you it wasn't mine, but the shark had to be moved from the so to be nursery.

This is Bo's shark and in some weird way I really like it. Mostly because I can see how happy Bo is to tell people about the day he caught it. I'll give you the Reader's Digest version: Bo went deep sea fishing as part of his graduation gift from high school. He said he wasn't to far out when he had a bite. He was the only one in his group of friend to catch anything that day.

From the tip of its tail to the tip of his nose the shark is right at 6 ft. long. Lets just say I wouldn't want to swim in the Gulf knowing it was in the water.

The shark has moved around our house several times and I think we have found a permanent place for it. It started off in the living room above the couch, then it moved to the guest room, and now it is in our room. I have also decided to start calling it Tommy.

Now, if only I could find a place for the deer head that has to move out of the baby's room!

By the way the art hanging under the shark came from the Nassau, Bahamas. I love to collect artwork from different trips we go on, and I picked these up while we were on our cruise last year. The artist is Tiff Barrett.

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