Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Bo and I have been working in our yard a lot lately. Between our garden, planting flowers, trying to put up a tent, which we took back, and regular yard maintenance, we have been busy. But I did have time to go to Joann fabric the other day to look for some spray adhesive. While I was there I found this wonderful pinwheel...

I just had to have it. You see Maw, my grandmother who just died, lived in PA up to 8 years a go. Until she moved we, my mom, dad, and bother and occational cousin, would travel a 1,000 miles to go see her in the summer. During most of those summers she would buy me a pinwheel. Actually, she got me a lot of stuff, I just remember the pinwheel right now. So when I saw this and thought of her and my summers visiting her I had to get it. I remember evenings sitting out on her breezeway talking or catching fireflys in the front yard, or the feel of grass under your feet. She had Kentucky Blue Grass and we had Bramuda or Centapede and nothing feels the same as Kentucky Blue Grass. Just like me and my problems with sqirrels and other animals digging in my yard, Maw had problems with chipmunks digging in hers. I have so many wonderful memories of Maw, most of them involve the summer time. Now everytime I look out the window and see my pinnwheel I can think of them.

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