Sunday, May 16, 2010

Grease Removal

You are probably are wondering why I took a picture of a toothbrush and Dawn Dish Detergent. Well, I got grease all over a new skirt. I had never worn it before new skirt.
After discussing how to get the stain out I remembered an old home remedy- Dawn Dish Detergent, and it worked. It removed all of the grease from my skirt.
After seeing this Bo gave me a pair of his favorite short that he got grease on about two years ago to try it on. Dawn also worked at getting the grease out of these short even though we thought the stain had been set in.
So even though this may sound like a commercial for Dawn it isn't. I just was amazed that this old home remedy work, and I hope I remember it the next time I get grease on something.

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