Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Decorations II

Today I wanted to share some of our favorite Christmas ornaments. We have many, but I will just share four of them.

The first one is from Disney World. My parents took my brother and I there in 2002. This was the summer before he got married my parents, my brother and I have always been close and this trip was great fun! It would have to be favorite family summer vacation. Great memories. I would love to go to Disney World now with my parents, Brother, SIL, Nephew, and Bo. Maybe one day.

My In-laws gave me this ornament last year. I just think it is just adorable, and something I could actually make something similar one day when I have time.

Bo had this ornament before we got married. When he was at an accounting firm one of the partners gave this ornament to the entire staff including the other partners. It is the Hallmark ornament that commemorates the new millennium, and something Bo would have never bought himself. He admires this ornament every year. I guess now that 2000 seems so far away it was really a big deal.

This one was our first Christmas together ornament. My friend Deborah gave us this ornament and it goes on the three every year. I actually bought a backup in case something happens to this one.

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