Friday, October 18, 2013

Christmas ornatments

This is what I imagined my ornaments would look like. Cute. Simple. Something my aunts would enjoy.

These are what Boo made. After I painted his hand and realized he wasn't going to cooperate, I let him paint whatever he wanted.  He controlled the brush and I held the ornament. 
 I hope my aunts still like them even if they aren't what I imagined.  
This one is for Aunt B- I call it "Woolly Mammoth in Snow".

 This one is for Aunt M.  I call it "Snow Angel".
This one is for Aunt C - I call it "Snowstorm".
Boo did use the paint on his hand to paint this ornament so at least the paint didn't go to waste. 
I hope they enjoy their Christmas Ornaments. 

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