Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Apparently I have shopped a lot lately. More than I probably should have, but every thing was on sale!! I just wish my husband would see it that way.
The red fabric is just adorable and I hope to cut out an appron of it this week.
The second picture is of trim I found last week at Hobby Lobby.
Oh, I love it when Hancock has patterns on sale - Not that I need anymore
More trim that I will have to find a project to use them on. Until these finds I didn't have any trim items at my house.
Well, that is what I have purchased in the last could of weeks. What have you purchased lately?


Got A Question? said...

I just recently went shopping at Walmart. I had a gift card and decided to buy all the items I need. I got a rotary trimmer, a self healing mat, some fabric and a GemMagic. I am so ready to start creating!

Anonymous said...


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